About Us

NEXT360 Partners applies design thinking and jobs-to-be-done methodologies to drive product, service, and policy innovation. Our teams work with clients to leapfrog competitors by identifying emerging trends and unarticulated customer needs and wants. We do not simply identify opportunities; we work with our clients to transform ideas into innovations with creative strategies, partnerships, and practical implementation plans.

What We Do

Work with government agencies and NGOs draws upon the rich policy experience of NEXT360 Partners teams in North America and Europe to optimize public resources and achieve program outcomes.

How We Do It

NEXT360 Partners client engagement process begins with assembling teams with extensive experience and expertise with rigorous research methodologies as well as partners that provide unique insights from outside the client’s domain to ensure a comprehensive and diversity of perspective.

NEXT360 Partners believes the client is part of the team not the audience. We seek to develop and imbed practical insights and strategy into the organization not simply report findings and present recommendations.

We believe that change begins with a new perspective that requires bringing the outside in — influencing the systems, policies, procedures, and ultimately the people that will implement the transformation necessary to successfully navigate demographic and global change.

Client Services: Let Us Find Your NEXT

What we do and how we do it.

At NEXT360 Partners, we believe that perspective matters. We work with, and often encourage, clients to see and interpret demographic, socioeconomic, policy, and technological changes that are reshaping their markets and business.

NEXT360 forms teams of experienced professionals that provide a unique 360 perspective – enabling clients to see and understand the changes all around them, as well  as well as new opportunities and ways to enhance their brand, business value and differentiation in the market.

Our ultimate objective is to go beyond helping clients survive in today’s changing marketplace, instead we provide them with the insights, tools, and strategies to thrive.

NEXT360 Partners draws on expertise from business, leading universities, and government, unique datasets, meta-analyses, and applying its 3D client engagement process that provides custom client services that define change, develop innovative and practical strategies, and deliver results. Our team has works with publicly traded companies, venture firms, government, non-profit organizations, and privately held businesses.

Our customized services include:

Defining Change

  • Consumer behavior studies that identify changing and unmet consumer needs across generations with a focus on financial services, health, retail, leisure, and real estate markets.
  • Development and delivery of thought leadership content that gains stakeholder attention and differentiates clients from their competition.
  • Design executive workshops, strategy sessions, and keynotes that educate client leadership and engage stakeholders.
  • Analyze the policy and regulatory environment to assure political, policy and business success are aligned.

Developing Innovative Strategies

  • Collaborate with the clients to develop practical action plans.
  • Design novel consumer experiences that leverage today’s resources while building tomorrow’s business.
  • Blueprint processes enabling clients to seamlessly execute and sustain change.
  • Assess and position strategic partnerships that can drive profitable and consumer confidence and trust.

Delivering Results

  • Develop and execute on collaborative partnerships that unlock adjacent market opportunities.
  • Integrate new methods, processes, and technologies into existing business to achieve business goals.
  • Measure success – financial success, employee and consumer confidence.

Are you looking for and achieving your NEXT? Contact us today at hello@next360partners.com.

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Join Us

NEXT360 Partners is always looking for curious, talented, and creative people to join our team.

Whatever your skill set, if you want flexibility, fun, and the opportunity to learn and work on a wide variety of projects, contact us, and send your resume to hello@next360partners.com.